SUAP processes have radically changed in recent years.
Nowadays, it takes just two easy steps to start a business: immediate start-up (0 or 20 days) and the Service Conference procedure. Moreover, all procedures are now online.
All this was made possible through the Regional Law No. 24 of October 20, 2016 in force since March 13, 2017. These facilitations are extended to all citizens who use the online services to send their paperwork to the competent SUAPE .

Here are the legislative references:


L.R. 24/2016

Delibera del 28 febbraio 2017, n. 11/14

Allegato A, 11/14 - Direttive SUAPE

Allegato B, 11/14 - Ricognizione regimi amministrativi

Allegato C, 11/14 - Linee guida procedure di controllo

Decreto Legge 112 del 2008, articolo 38

Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica del 7 settembre 2010, n.160

Circolari applicative


Updated on 03/10/2017