Italian wines fly to Japan



The Japanese exchange of Italian Wines will be held October 15 at the Ana Crown Plaza in Kyoto and October 17 at The Strings Omotesando of Tokyo, The event is organized by ICE as part of the activities to promote the Italian wine sector in Asia and the Pacifi. Other events will take place in November in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. This is an itinerant format that has been tested and appreciated by companies, for which it represents an effective and dynamic tool for acquiring new business contacts and consolidating existing ones. Participation is reserved only to specialized operators: importers, distributors, restaurateurs, journalists, VIPs and wine lovers selected by ICE in Tokyo.

Last year, 73 exhibiting companies participated in the Wine Exchange; 34 in Kyoto and 39 in Tokyo, for a total of 450 Japanese operators including importers, restaurateurs, retailers and journalists. In the first half of last year, Italian wine stood at 11.9% of the total value of wine imports to Japan. The growing Italian presence is supported by the recent entry into force of the agreement between the EU and Japan, in force since the first months of 2019, thanks to which the tariffs on wine have been cancelled.

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