Innoviù: methodically addressing the launch of innovative products


In a way that is constantly evolving, innovation is a strategic lever for all companies that compete every day and wish to expand or consolidate their position on the market. To respond adequately to this need, today the Sardinian companies can rely on Innoviù. Founded as a software house, the company has evolved and now gives life to projects and collaborations with high technological content, providing for co-participations and investments with a "work for equity" formula, which consists in the exchange of shares or company shares with work and specialized advice. The phenomenon, not new in Italy but little known, allows those who want to innovate to resort to alternative forms of remuneration for employees and for advice and qualified services.

Everything goes from the careful process of evaluating the entrepreneurial idea that Innoviù has developed over the years, effectively placing itself as an accelerator for the development of business ideas. Since 2009, the company has implemented ICT projects for private companies, public administrations and start-ups, taking care of the business idea from the realization of the MVP (Minimum viable product), until its full development. Today Innoviù opens up to the market and evolves, from a start-up company engaged in computer engineering, to an ideal technological partner of organizations that intend to innovate their reference sector through the lever of the ICT; Innoviù supports supporting companies and entrepreneurs in the design of the idea and in its development, until it has entered the market. Innoviù is a platform for those who, despite having a deep knowledge of domain, need further skills to realize their idea and seek for the knowledge necessary for the start-up phase and the digital transformation of a company.

Currently Innoviù is the executive and technological engine of the following projects:

- Qubiarch: complete solution for the virtualization of workstations in offices and laboratories

- Seedoo: opensource software platform for digitization compliant with the Public Administration

- VoiceMyMail: first accessible webmail for visually impaired

- Smart Sensory Box: innovative device for sensory analysis and consumer test management

- Local World Forwarders: blockchain technology. Platform for P2P Freight Forwarding

The list of services aimed at the different phases of the life cycle of an innovative project can be consulted on

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