Exports and food imports growing


The infographic represents an in-depth analysis of the performance of food industry products in the first half of 2019, following the data on total imports and exports.

At the end of June 2019 food exports amounted to 76 million euros, compared to over 95 million euros of the value of imported products.

In the first 6 months of the year both the import and export of the food sector grew; however, sales abroad grew, compared to the first half of 2018, at a significantly lower pace than purchases. The different intensity of these dynamics has led to a worsening of the trade balance that has gone from a deficit of around 14 million euros, recorded in the first 6 months of 2018, to almost 19.5 million in the same period of 2019.

The infographic, in its first section, clearly indicates 2017 as a year of transition from a period of trade surplus to one of clear growth in the commercial imbalance in favour of imports. In the years prior to 2017, the difference between the value of exports and that of imports was also higher than 20 million euros, while in the subsequent years the trade deficit rose sharply, planting its flag, as mentioned, at a share of over 19 million of Euro.

Briefly analysing imports, arrivals from abroad grew mainly due to the strong expansion of purchases of "preserved and processed seafood products", which rose from € 32 million in the first half of 2018 to € 39 million in the same period of 2019. "Products dairy products "that reach the historical value record exceeding 8 million euros (+4.6 million compared to the first half of 2018, + 123%).

As regards exports, growth is attributable to sales of "dairy products" (+1.7 million euros, + 4% in percentage terms) and the strong increase in sales of "processed meat" and “preserved meat”, which exceeds 4 million euros (increase over 30%). The growth of “bakery products” is much less marked (+468.000) with an increase by about 2 percentage points.

In the last section of the infographic all the states that purchase products from the Sardinian food industries for a value exceeding 1 million euros have been indicated. On the podium we find in the first position, the United States with over 37 million euros, equal to about 50% of the total, followed by Germany (6.3 million) and Switzerland (3.4 million euros) which, compared to the same ranking of the previous year, overtakes Belgium (3.3 million euros).