Where it is

Business advisory centres are located in all the municipalities of Sardinia. To find the one nearest you, check the list of business advisory centres (organized by province) with the names of contact persons, contact details, opening times to the public, e-mail addresses and links to their websites.

(N.B. Web pages in Italian)

Who has joined the network

One-stop business advisory centres are managed by the municipalities; their administrative functions relate to the construction, expansion, termination, reactivation, location and relocation of business facilities and the issuing of licenses and building permits.

Each municipality performs these functions, either individually or in association with other authorities to ensure that a single entity is responsible for the entire procedure.


For implementation of the single procedures, all the relevant public administration and regional offices and provincial authorities are preliminarily involved in the same procedure and perform an in-depth analysis of the different processes. To define and agree on harmonized procedures and organizational criteria throughout the region, a regional coordinating committee has been set up by the different national, regional, provincial and municipal authorities. 

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